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Moving to Alaska as a PT, SLP or OT might seem far-fetched, as if we’re sending you off to a far away land. Don’t worry though, you’ll have all the assistance you need from our excellent staff, 24/7 any day of the week. There are a few essential lessons that make Alaska such a one of a kind travel therapy location. We’ve outlined five lessons we think you’ll never forget.

Pronunciation of “Aurora Borealis” 

It’ll roll of your tongue and you’ll be saying it 10 times fast before your next assignment.

How to avoid confrontation with grizzly bears

Did you know that when a bear stands on its hind legs it doesn’t actually mean he wants to attack? He’s trying to better identify what has caught its attention. That being said, how you react to the bear can determine the outcome of your encounter. To avoid confrontation while on a hike or in other isolated areas be sure to make enough noise so bears can hear you. They generally want very little to do with people. The key to avoiding confrontation is to ensure you’re not “sneaking” up on an unsuspecting bear.

Uninterrupted daylight is your friend

It’s true what they say, about over 80 days of uninterrupted daylight in parts of Alaska. Locals will be willing to give you tips on catching some Zs (think: thick curtains), and with adjustment, the uninterrupted light may not be your best friend but it’ll be tolerable.

You’ll learn to open a king crab’s claw

With both hands! King crab is one of the biggest species of crab out there.  First apply pressure to a major joint with your hands. Using a fork, After you break off run it down the soft side of the shell in one sweeping motion. Pull out the meat and enjoy.

You’ll be identifying animals like a master woodsman or woodswoman

Alaska is one state with truly unique wildlife. You’ll have plenty of resources if you want to get to know the many birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates.

Ready to get sightseeing?