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Turn Your Travel Therapy Assignment Into Spring Break

Whether you like soaking up the rays on the beach or partying the night away, spring break is a perfect chance to relax and unwind. Most of us don’t go on spring break after we graduate, but as a travel therapist you can make the feeling of spring break last for 13 weeks. We’ll help you find a job near the best spring break spots and sometimes we can help find assignments with your friends. Do you want to take actual spring bring? Your recruiter can space out your assignment to fit in some vacation time!


New Grad Program

With the Advanced New Grad Program, you can hit the road right after graduation. You’ll never have trouble finding a job as a new grad since we specifically work with facilities that welcome new PTs, OTs, and SLPs. If you’re completing your clinical fellowship, we’ll hook you up with a licensed SLP mentor that will supervise you along the way.


Talk With Your Recruiter

Have you ever wanted to travel with a friend or significant other? Your recruiter may help make it happen. Sometimes there are facilities hiring multiple therapists or we have more than one job in the same area. Your recruiter can help find a job for you and your friend! Plus if you refer your friends to Advanced, you can get some extra money in your pocket with our Sugar Rewards. Each person you refer equals a $500 bonus and every third referral gets you an extra serving of cold hard cash. You can earn up to $13,000!