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Our OT traveler, Paige Estrella, loved her time so much in Colorado that she put together a list of her can’t miss places and experiences. If you’re planning a trip or an extended stay in Colorado, we’ve got you covered.

Yummy Food Spots

  1. Lunch: Manitou Springs Brewery – Great beer selection and food including jalapeno bacon lime wedges
  2. Dessert: Goldminer’s Nuts and Candy – Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Fudge
  3. Dinner: Red Gravy in Colorado Springs – The tomato bisque is out of this world as well as the majority of the pasta dishes.

Most Memorable Hike

Ice Lakes Basin Trail in Silverton, CO: Amazing views throughout the whole hike which leads to 2 beautiful alpine lakes, ice lake and island lake, in the San Juan mountains.

Favorite Weekend Getaway

Telluride, CO: Make sure to do the Via Ferrata hike/climb, then check out Smugglers Brew Pub after a day of hiking. Ouray, Colorado is also nearby with more great hiking spots. Anything in the San Juan mountains region is beautiful with plenty to explore.

Something That Surprised You

Great Sand Dunes National Park – Mounds and mounds of sand piled high in the middle of a mountain range!

Picture Perfect View

Boulder Mountain in Buena Vista, CO! Elevation is 13,528 feet.

Claim to Fame

Pikes Peak also known as “America’s Mountain.” You can drive or climb to the summit for a great view of how vast the Rocky Mountains truly are.

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