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Our travelers, Emily Marshall (SLP) and Dustin & Kate (PT, OT) have teamed up to share their travel tips for West Virginia!

West Virginia is a beautiful mountain state with so much to offer to travel therapists! There’s a reason it’s referred to as #AlmostHeaven!

Yummy Food Spot

Black Bear Burritos in Morgantown has a fun atmosphere, good food, fresh ingredients, and live music!

Memorable Hike

By Mr.schultz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Seneca Rocks in Monongahela National Forest consists of a gorgeous rock formation 900 feet above a river.

Fun Festival

Bridge Day in Fayetteville occurs on the third Saturday every October – people come from all around to walk the New River Gorge Bridge and watch extreme sporters jump over 800 feet!

Picture-Perfect View

Do you like short hikes that end with cool rocks and views of rolling hills in all seasons? Head to Lindy Point Overlook!

Historical Landmark

Capitol building in Charleston: take a guided tour to learn about Charleston’s rich history, or marvel outside at the beautiful architectural wonder set against a bright blue West Virginia sky!

Unique Experience

Explore the Tucker County area, your one-stop shop for incomparable views at Monongahela National Forest, Canaan Valley, and Blackwater Falls State Park

Weekend Getaway

By Marvin Kuo – originally posted to Flickr as The Village, CC BY 2.0,

Snowshoe, a town that includes access to the mountain and lifts, as well as a village filled to the brim with shops and places to stay overnight.

Ready to explore West Virginia?