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One of the great things about traveling as a therapist for Advanced Travel Therapy is that you’ll enjoy all of the cuisine your new home has to offer. If you’re traveling to Texas for an SLP, OT or PT position you’ll love this five-step guide to eating barbecue brisket like a real Texan.


Choose the combo plate

Don’t settle for just the meat, you’ll want all of the sides such as potato salad, slaw, sausage or baked beans.

Grab the white bread, onions, and pickles

They’re there waiting for you to add to your meal. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Tuck napkin into your collar

Brisket is not particularly saucy but expert eaters know how to keep a tidy shirt.

Eat with your hands 

Maybe don’t eat the baked beans with your fingers but certainly don’t be afraid to get in there.

Wipe hands on pants 

We said you’d be eating like a Texan, didn’t we?

Getting hungry yet?


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