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We’re starting Spring off by featuring a travel PT with a love for everything outdoors. From fly fishing to hiking, Rendle always finds a way to make the most of his travel assignments. He’s been a travel physical therapist since he graduated school and leaves a positive impact everywhere he goes. His career consultant Kristie, only had awesome things to say about him,

 He’s a great therapist that always gets glowing references from his assignments. His personality, in addition to his clinical skills make him the ideal traveler!

Get to Know Rendle

Why or how did you get into therapy? 

I spent a great deal of time in physical therapy growing up as an athlete and I always loved how involved PTs were in the process of recovering from an injury!

Do you have any advice for future therapists? 

GO FOR IT! The travel lifestyle is so worth it and I see a lot of new grade or colleagues hesitate and pass it up, I can tell you that it is so worth it! I started as a new grad and haven’t looked back!

Favorite travel location and why? 

So far it has been Northern Nevada, I grew up here and being 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe has opened the door to so many new adventures!

What are some of your hobbies? 

I love anything outside! I ski, backpack, hike, hunt, fly fish and most of all love to try new things! I have also started snow shoeing on my current assignment and it is a blast!

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