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“She is the engine that keeps the Advanced Medical train moving forward. Her in-depth knowledge and dedication to her profession continuously inspires me to step up my game.”

Patrick Smith, Travel Therapy Guru + Rock Star

On the journey from burgeoning startup to accomplished and admired company, a few key ingredients were instrumental. At the heart of the recipe was Keeley Murphy Ownby. Our VP of sales and recruiting celebrates her 6th year with Advanced Medical this week. Combining an intensely competitive drive with mature and compassionate guidance, Keeley has put an indelible stamp on the Advanced Medical family. Originally from Delaware, Keeley moved to Florida at a young age and judging by her bold personality, FSU kinship, and blonde hair it has suited her sensibilities to perfection. Growing up in the land of Disney, it is no surprise that Keeley had theatrical aspirations. Entertainers have a term to describe someone able to excel in all areas, a “triple threat” performer is one who is able to sing, dance, and act. This phrase correlates beautifully with Keeley’s ability as a manager, recruiter, and visionary. Seamlessly moving among differing departments and personalities, Keeley has the unique ability to motivate others while constantly learning from them. Her inclusive, yet firm approach maximizes results without using bombastic rhetoric or deceptive practices. A look at the scoreboard reveals an offense never satisfied, even as the runs keep piling up. Keeley has; as one esteemed recruiter put it, “street cred.” She answers the bell every day, while constantly putting herself in the heat of the action.4




A couple years ago, Advanced Medical published its “core values.” There is no need to tell you what they are, because Keeley was our “core values”, before they became gospel. When Advanced Medical opened an office in Denver it was Keeley who tirelessly traveled out west to inspire and train our new team. A team that affirmatively shattered all expectations with style and hard work.


We would be remiss if we left out the screwball sense of humor on display from Keeley. Her delightful comedic rants have helped even the most dejected recruiter get over a bad day. In a previous life, Keely could have starred in the witty and optimistic films of the 30’s. As a sales manager, Keeley will often inspire through quotes, quotes that are carefully selected and never meant as window dressing. As we toast to our fearless leader, let us use a quote that captures the essence of Keeley:


-Muhammad Ali

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