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There is a chill in the air, and it is officially spooky season with Halloween on the horizon. This is the perfect time to implement some holiday themes into your students’ sessions, so they continue progressing in their treatment and have fun doing it! To help you mix holiday themes into your plans travel SLP, Emily Marshall MS, CCC-SLP, has 4 Halloween activities to get you started.

Holiday-Themed Green Screen Activities

Make unlimited holiday-themed backgrounds and interactive activities with a homemade green screen, using some green construction paper or felt. You can make endless backgrounds and activities and make things holiday-themed – think building a jack-o-lantern for Halloween!

Halloween Virtual Books

Incorporate Halloween-themed virtual books into your therapy sessions with a site like Epic Books, which is free for educators. They have a vast library of holiday-themed books and videos that you can send to your students or show during a session. For example, the “Don’t Push the Button” series has a Halloween-themed book that would be great to use for self-regulation goals.

Halloween I-Spy

Play a virtual game of Halloween-themed “I Spy” using the annotation tool on Zoom to draw on PDFs. You can modify this simple activity for several goals, including labeling, describing, using carrier phrases, or articulation-specific goals—think of all the /g/ targets on a whole page of silly ghosts!

Parent-Involved Scavenger Hunt

Send a list to parents ahead of time to hide Halloween-related items around the house and then play a scavenger hunt together to target receptive language goals like object identification and following directions!

These Halloween activities should help you build a foundation of holiday activities to keep your students engaged with their materials and pushing toward their goals! The best part about holiday-themed activities is that you can apply them to any holiday throughout the school year and tailor them to each student’s individual needs and interests—Trick or Treat!