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In a couple weeks, New Grad Manager Tommy Oswald will be on the College of Health Sciences campus at Rush University in Chicago. In the land of perfect hot dogs, bone-chilling winds, and old-style beer, the Occupational Therapy Department will be hosting a career fair with Advanced Medical attending for the first time. Conveniently, the event takes place with the hometown Cubbies playing at iconic Wrigley Field an occurrence sure to rope in our hardball loving employee. Located on the West Side of Chicago, Rush University is part of the Rush Medical Center.


A large non-profit academic hospital that includes the Bowman Health Center for rehabilitation, the Rush Medical Center is the 20th largest private sector employer in Chicago. It is also the official hospital of the Hometown Chicago Bulls basketball team. The MOT program at Rush consistently ranks among the top quarter nationally and admits 30-35 students per class. The program benefits immensely from being in the midst of a world-class medical facility with a rehabilitation hospital providing an interactive learning environment. The Rush faculty believes in a hands-on experience that emphasizes leadership, diversity, and investigation.


Last year Professor Bev Myers was recognized as the Illinois OT of Year by demonstrating remarkable professionalism in a career spanning over 40 years as an OT. The chair of Rush MOT is Linda Olson. Linda gained her BS in Occupational Therapy at the University of Illinois and went on to earn a PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University. She specializes in mental health issues and for over 25 years has worked to bring greater resources and an increased workforce to mental health. The program encourages giving back and last year the proceeds from the career fair went to Gigi’s Playhouse for Downs Syndrome Awareness and the Student AOTA scholarship fund.  The 9 quarter program starts and ends in the summer. Advanced Medical looks forward to starting a productive relationship with Rush University. The Advanced Medical New Grad Program with mentorship continues to deliver a strong clinical experience for students wanting to experience the adventure that is travel therapy. Have a great trip Tommy, and have an Old Style on me. Until next time…