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On Nov 5th, the Advanced Medical New Grad Team will participate in the Pacific University PT/OT career fair in picturesque Oregon. Founded in 1849 as a small academy and originating as Pacific University in 1854, the school boasts multiple campuses across the state of Oregon, with the College of Health Professions being located in downtown Hillsborough.

The main campus in Forest Grove is sprinkled with historical buildings and is located around 30 miles outside Portland. As for the mascot; think mysterious and dark.  The school name is the Boxers, an ancient dragon like creature that this author will just leave at that. The town of Forest Grove is home to the world’s largest barbershop pole in honor of the illustrious town history with barbershop quartets. This influence can be seen in the renowned music department at Pacific. Pacific is proud of its large percentage of Hawaiian students and throws one of the largest mainland luau in the spring. One other cool thing: the campus food offerings are mostly organic and local…this is Oregon after all.


The PT department at Pacific is heavily committed to an ethical focus centered around evidence-based practice. The program has a sterling 100% pass rate and provides an accessible, full-time, 10 member faculty. The class size averages around 45 students and provides over 250 clinical facilities, mostly in the northwest for students to intern. The program also has a unique student ambassador program that brings highly engaged students to spread the Pacific message of hands-on education. The chair of the department is Richard Rutt.


The OT department at Pacific was created in 1984.  It is the only place one can earn a doctorate of occupational therapy in the state of Oregon. The program values a diverse learning environment, which stresses ethical principles and critical reasoning. In addition, the program has dual-degree opportunities and a re-entry program for those wishing to return to active practice. The class size averages around 30 students, with many opportunities for clinical work around the Portland area. Advanced Medical looks forward to bringing our mentorship program to the students of Pacific. Until next time…