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This week Advanced Medical had the pleasure of participating in the PTRS Maryland Career Day.

The Physical Therapy Department at Maryland is nestled among the Inner Harbor area of Baltimore, just a quick stroll from the famous ballpark Camden Yards.  The PTRS department makes up a part of the 5th largest Medical School in the country. The undergraduate school is about 30 miles south in College Park, Md.  The department was created in 1956, and in 2002 moved to a full DPT program.  The program takes great pride in its family like atmosphere and traditions.

A number of faculty members have been with the department in excess of 20 years.  Every year since 1994 the students and faculty have participated in the PT Olympics, getting to know each other outside the classroom.  PRTS believes evidence-based research is the key to reaching new milestones in therapy related advances.  Every year the school hosts a research day to bring attention to the latest improvements and creative techniques bringing the rehabilitation sciences to new heights.  Advanced Medical is a member of the Maryland PT Society.

We believe strongly in the mission of the program and its emphasis on clinical research and professional development. Another unique aspect of the department is its publication of 2 newsletters every year.  The newsletter in the spring focuses on student activities, department news and alumni updates.  The Fall newsletter is the magazine “Proficio”, which brings attention to faculty information, contains detailed articles, and lists the annual donor report.  The chair of the department is Mary Rodgers.  Mary has been the chair since 1998 and has made her mark in the areas of Wheelchair Propulsion Biomechanics and Gait Analysis.  On 9/17/2011 faculty member Leslie Glickman accepted the position of President of the APTA Maryland Chapter.  Advanced Medical looks forward to a long and fruitful relationship with PRTS at Maryland.

The University of Maryland also has a great SLP program which every year produces talented speech-language pathologists in Maryland.