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The new year brings fresh insight into distinguished graduate programs with our University Showcase.   A cross coastal(Fl) jaunt from our Atlantic Ocean home over to the Gulf side with its brighter sand and waveless currents sits the Tampa/St. Pete area.  Growing up an avid and often depressed Tampa Bay Buccaneer fan I have an affinity for the breezy and nonchalant character of the region.


One place, where the nonchalance doesn’t shine through would be the University of South Florida College of Medicine.  This vast network of medical facilities, teaching centers, and diverse healthcare professionals have an impressive national reputation. The USF DPT programs joins an array of disciplines in making up the educational base of the USF medical center.  The program boasts dual degree and international travel options, while also allowing for pro bono clinical outreach in year 1.  The mission of the program centers around patient/client management and critical thinking, while upholding the highest levels of professionalism.


The chair of the program is William Quillen, who holds a PHD from UVA in Sports Medicine.  Dr. Quillen is a retired commander of the U.S Navy and has a strong resume in sports injuries in adolescents and and back injury reduction.  USF finds 100% employment among their students within 6 months of licensure and also has seen a 100% pass rate on the boards over the last 3 years.  Some notable achievements among the faculty include Laura Lee “Dolly” Swisher earning the APTA Distinguished Educator Award for 2013.  This award will be presented in San Diego at CSM.  In the Oct. 2012 issue of Advance Magazine, Steven Ambler writes a piece titled “Training the Trunk Musculature : Considerations for Physical Therapists”.


The average incoming class comes in around 40 students and recently the 2015 class introduced Claire Millman as the class president.  Another great stat to share about USF is its faculty commitment to actual practice.  Currently, 100% of the faculty is designated as a Credentialed Clinical Instructor with hands on experience working in the USF Physical Therapy Center.  Our experiences with USF have always been positive and energetic.  This is a terrific program that continues to set high standards through diverse learning experiences and a comprehensive support system.  For more information go to  Until next time…