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Completing your Clinical Fellowship is the thing that takes you from Graduate Student to an actual, in-the-flesh, for reals Speech Language Pathologist. It’s a big step! That’s why we don’t want you to do it alone.

We talked with our Clinical Director about the importance of the type of mentorship we offer with our Clinical Fellowship travel jobs. Allergic to YouTube? Weird. That’s ok, though. We have a transcription below!




Hi! I’m Melissa Jones. I’m the clinical director at Advanced Medical and I also run our Clinical Fellowship program.

I really wanted to create our Clinical Fellowship program to specifically target the unique needs of clinical fellows. I know from personal experience how incredible it was to have a mentor when I was a clinical fellow. I was incredibly blessed to have an SLP who really took me under her wing and she took her time to teach me how to do documentation, how to treat patients, how to do an evaluation and really taught me how to be an SLP.

Because of that experience I really wanted to create a program like that for other new grad SLP’s, as well as open up travel to new grad SLPs. I was incredibly blessed to have an amazing travel experience where I got to explore lots of different settings and not only different settings but also different parts of the country as well.

Our CF program really targets your needs specifically as a clinical fellow, so whether you need a little bit of extra help that will be available to you… and we don’t use a cookie cutter approach so we really approach mentorship from the aspect that each person is different and each person needs a different amount of support to be successful.

We really are committed to providing the support that you need to help you transition successfully from being a graduate student to being a fully-licensed professional with your Certificate of Clinical Competence.