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Did you know that over half of all students carry a backpack that is heavier than it should be?

It’s pretty commonplace to think of students carrying tons of books in big backpacks all day, but if those backpacks are too big, are worn improperly or are overstuffed — it can cause real problems for student’s backs and shoulders as child and even into adulthood.

This is why The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Backpack Awareness Day is important for students, parents, and OT’s. As students go back to school for the new year, you can prep them now for healthier backpack use throughout the year.

The AOTA was established nearly 100 years ago to represent Occupational Therapists and represent the 213,000 OT practitioners and students in the United States. The advocacy and awareness they bring to the OT field is something that we fully stand behind.

So we decided to create a video with 4 simple, shareable tips for healthier backpack use!


Help us bring awareness to healthier backpack usage! Pass along this video and check out AOTA’s page for handouts and additional media.