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Our latest vacation winner hails from a popular tourist destination anchored by a famous fort and twisting canals lined with bars, restaurants, and cultural landmarks. If you guessed San Antonio, home of the Alamo and the festive Riverwalk, please yell BINGO. Caleb Baker is a graduating DPT student at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA).


Caleb is engaged to a fellow DPT student at UTSA and Advanced Medical looks forward to having both travel together after her graduation. Perhaps a nice trip to the mountains to escape the sweltering Texas heat would be a good use for his vacation gift card. UTSA is the host of the Texas PT Olympics, an event with Therapy programs from all over the state competing in field events for a good cause. Supporting this event puts us in touch with a stellar group of young therapists, while giving us our own “Riverwalk” vacation in the process. Caleb, we applaud your academic achievement and look forward to hearing about your vacation.


This week has our team at APTA 2012 in Tampa. Please stop by Booth 1509 to hear about travel therapy and our unique New Grad Program, which includes traveler mentorship, continuing education, and tuition reward. We also will be raffling off another vacation card-cheers