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So you got your notice on a therapy assignment? First of all: don’t panic! Getting your notice while on assignment is something that happens to a lot of therapists. Trust your recruiter! They have your back and will be working to find you a new, even better, position. In the meantime, always keep these tips in mind:

Be Proactive

You can start preparing as early as the interview. Ask “what is the nature of this need” in the phone interview. If they say they are actively seeking perm, you should tell your recruiter after your call, so they keep the job alerts active during your assignment. If this is a Leave of Absence (LOA) or Maternity coverage, chances are you won’t be ending early. Take the time to get licensed in multiple states or get your compact license. This will give your recruiter many more options for finding your next job.

Communicate Openly

Establish great communication right away with your Director of Rehabilitation (DOR). If they indicated in the interview that they are ultimately looking for perm candidates, let your DOR know you understand this and would appreciate open communication if they are bringing someone in to interview for the position. This will allow you to proactively communicate with your recruiter the moment they are entertaining another candidate, so the recruiter can start keeping an eye out for other options. Talk to your recruiter about whether the facility must provide you with 2 weeks or a 30 day notice. Every facility is different, so make sure you are aware of this on every contract.

Find Flexible Housing

Always attempt to find a flexible housing option with terms as close to week-to-week as possible. You will be able to quickly feel out at the facility level if they have had a steady rotation of travelers.  If this is the case, you’re probably good finding an apartment rental that is month to month. Or you might find out that interviews for perm are already in the works, so staying in a hotel might be the best decision. Learn the early out penalties of any housing contract you make. Sometimes apartments and landlords will work with you if you’re proactive up front. Let them know the notice period in your travel contract and potential risk of cancellation.

Stay positive and be amazing!

If you go into the assignment thinking you will get notice, you probably will. Start each assignment with the positive thoughts in the front of your mind. People generally keep positive people around much longer than negative people. Focus on doing amazing work! You are now setting the bar for whoever they are considering for perm. If you are the strongest Clinician they have had walk through those facility doors, they might want to keep you around longer.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Now that you’re prepared to take on anything, including if you get your notice on a therapy assignment. Go take on the world!

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