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Established in 1996, today we celebrate World Physical Therapy Day. Promoting the theme: Movement for Health, physical therapists and health professionals are taking a unified message to the citizens of the world. Founded in 1951, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) aims to advance the interests of the physical therapy profession (called physiotherapy in many countries) and bring attention to the vital importance of physical and mental well being. Today, you can find free health screenings, free runs and public exercise classes in local communities, as well as various seminars focusing on the PT profession.


In addition, today is a day to bring needed attention to world governments and policy makers on the importance of physical activity and rehabilitation. One thing that can often get overlooked is the role of a physical therapist in preventative care. Too often we think of therapists as those only getting involved as a result of a deteriorating condition, when it fact, they play a crucial role in preventative methods such as healthy eating and exercise. Advanced Medical is proud to support organizations such as the APTA and add our voice to the critical issues facing the global pt community. Raise a glass or a barbell to salute our beloved PT professionals!